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Fluffy Butterball


I laughed so hard I woke up my dad.



"Among girls whose parents never commented on their weight, 4.2% reported use of any extreme weight control behaviors, while 23.2% of girls whose parents frequently commented on their weight reported use of any of these behaviors. Mothers’ more frequent talk about their own weight, shape, or size was associated with lower self-worth and higher depressive symptomology among girls."

Mother-reported parental weight talk and adolescent girls’ emotional health, weight control attempts, and disordered eating behaviors

This is open access. If you click on the link you can read the whole paper (click to read the PDF at the bottom of the page)


you ever see a thing that just makes you cackle? x


hey pull my finger

*finger detaches*

see you in court asshole


boom clap || charli xcx

you are the light and I will follow
you let me lose my shadow
you are the sun the glowing halo
and you keep burning me up with your love

harry making niall laugh continuously through LWWY 04|07|14


"no" is too serious

"nope" is too casual

"nah" is just right

"Did you kill this man?" "Nah"





no offense but what the fuck am i doing

20 New Zealand Look the whole world over and you will see, nobody quite like me.

I am not overweight, I fluctuate between chubby and curvy.

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